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Firm History

Key element of our company's philosophy the innovation, flexible conformist to the market claims, continuous product development. Get to know our business activities.

1991 - Foundation of the company's predecessor, FUX Ltd, deal with plastic raising devices distribution.

1994 – Begin the production of aluminium overhead wire which uses in the electrical industry. The previous distributor FUX, stepped forward to manufacturer, and first target the internal market with their products.

1996 - The result of continuous investments and developments start off the insulated wire production, which obtains a new market area for the company.

2000 – For imperfective investigation of the products, completed own testing laboratory, which was officially classified by the National Accreditation Board. The fabrication is happening according to requirements of ISO 9001 quality management' system.

2001 - In 10 years, number of employees reach 150 people, company purchase two sites on Miskolc northern industrial site and the FUX products are available on the Slovak, Czech, German, Austrian, Croatian and Slovenian markets.

2005 -. The Fux Ltd. form public limited company.

2008 – Begin the production of the railway wires.

2010 – Due to the ÉMOP 2009-1.1.1 / D site development' applications, warehouse had been builted for FUX Ltd.. The project total development' cost was 196 500 thousand Ft, and the company obtained 98 250 thousand support. The warehouse provides the perform logistical tasks on a higher level.

2011 - Start the production of underground cables 2011-The FUX. is 20 years old. Firm's partners not just the national electricity suppliers and network buliders but also FUX has already partnership with Europe's largest electricity suppliers and network builders. The company is present in the Nordic countries, on the Western European market and preserve its position in the former socialist countries.

2012 - The Swedish AMOKABEL buys ownership as a professional investor.

2012 - The introduction of Integrated Enterprise Management System

Industry Awards:

Industria MINEX-METEX Special Award (1998)

Industria MINEX-METEX Special Award (2000)

North Hungarian Regional Quality Award (2004)

North Hungarian Regional Quality Award (2011)

Hungarian Brands recognition (2011,2012,2014)

Business Superbrands recognition (2012)

Pegasus Award - Eastern Region in Hungary - Market Leader category - I Prize (2011)

BOKIK Innovation Award (2014)